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Key Milestones Aacharay Korak Day alias Sri KD ji            BE A GOD - BE A SATWIK 


Born 1970 December 17th as Subhasish Sil in Agra, INDIA.  The only son of a Para Jumping Instructor in Indian Air Force. Studied in Air Force School and Kendriya Vidhyalaya, Agra.  He was the School-Captain Head-Boy, a National Champion in Inter-School level Singing and Drama, a topper in Secondary Level Exams at school-level in Hindi & English subjects.  At the age of 18, he received Parmatma-Prapti Enlightenment that would change his course of life.  He was revealed the ultimate mission for a human being who wants to be one with God by doing a few precious and Suitable-Karma, as the Mission for all who take birth as a Human Being to be 'with' JOY 'within' their Soul.  Later manoeuvring his life, he studied till MSc. in Mathematics, at Agra College.  He also worked as a tutor, a salesman for Eureka Forbes and Fabers. 



He earned second position in the All-India Merit, in the ultimate all-round exams for the best-educated Indian youth, the SSB through Varanasi, for getting selected in the Indian Military as a Class-One Commissioned Officer.  His Officers’ Training was in INS Mandavi, Goa.  In Cochin, Kerala he topped in the World Leadership Foundation Course securing the top three awards in the first three contests only, thus establishing a record there under Mr. Win.  In 1996 exactly at the age of 25 1⁄2 as he knew before, he left the Military to serve Humanity & Bharat, in reality; which he craved since his Parmatma-Prapti Enlightenment.  He arrived in Calcutta, renouncing his most beloved foods, material-thing he had and everyone he knew, till then, except his parents, sister and a childhood friend, Aditya Bandopadhyay



He was Korak Day now, legally.  Simultaneously Korak joined Mother Teresa’s home for the dying-destitute in Mother Teresa's Nirmal Hriday, Kalighat as an over-time volunteer.  He started learning Indian Classical Singing, Western Piano, studying Films & Music theories at Nandan Film Library & United States Information Service, tutoring rich students and also joined a couple of Film Clubs.  Korak lost 12 Kilos in 5 months.  Within a year he was selected in Satyajit Ray SRFTI film school for learning Film Direction & Screenplay Writing.  Later he started going to the streets of Calcutta and Howrah Train Station to help the destitute with basics and bring the dying-destitute, lepers and maggot-filled helpless people to hospitals.  He also volunteered at Brother Xavier’s school for prostitute children, a charity school for slum-children by Calcutta De Le’rue Al’Ecole and at the local L’Arshe Home, Asha Niketan for spastic men.  Korak called this experience his real Ph.D. which culminated with his living with the slum-dwellers, in the humble way they live.  Every pore of his body transmitted JOY, which he felt within because unlike the mission of quantity-buildings through conventions and charity, his mission was Selfless Loving, renouncing the misguidance of brains and ideologies, of any form.  



In 2001, thankfully friends from all over the world like Shaun Ho from Taiwan, Nikolas Stroebel from Paris, John Bowman of Wisconsin and Dipak Patel of NY from USA with David Egan from Canada and Jorge Munita from Chile contributed in the World’s 1st Crowd-Funded Indie-Movie through Korak Day: KOLKATA’R KALI alias MY KARMA (was 8.9 on IMDb).  Popular Indian Film-personalities were part of this Selfless-ART like Moonmoon Sen, Arjun Chakraborty, Sabyasachi Chakraborty along with National Award winners Anup Mukherji for Sound and Ashim Bose for Cinematography etc. with never-ending thanks to Jatin Sarkar, IAS.  Even though Korak Day has vowed never to accept any Award for his Parmatma-Prapti Works for Humanity and Bharat, still when some of the crew told him that it was not just his film, he sent this hard-hitting no-sugar-coated-toppings film, to various film-festivals. MY KARMA received ‘Best Film’ & ‘Best Debut Director’ Awards in ‘New York Film Festival’, ‘Best Screenplay’ in Japanese ‘Spiritual Film Festival’ and ‘Grand Prix’ in Poland.  Thanks to Fr. Paul of Don Bosco, the film got a huge, wide and widely-appreciated exposure, throughout the world, through ‘Mother Teresa International Film Festival’



Few months before Mother Teresa died Korak was taken to meet her and there he had an out-of-body experience with her that enriched his soul.  Years later on the same day of Good Friday in 2002, Korak left volunteering at Missionary of Charity to start his own “Mission of Love”, selfless-love as ‘Aamar Nijer My Own’.  This was an Extended Family from Korak’s own ‘blood family’ to make the whole world as a ‘family, of feelings’.  Created to care for those people who are lonely, unloved and friendless, either rich or poor: by and for them, a love-filled family without infringing their dignity or soul.  So here, we do not accept Charity but accept a ‘family member’ who Contributes monthly with Responsibility, towards the family and has total faith towards the selfless-works of Korak Day.  A few years later, Dr. Dipak N Patel from USA joined as a family member and later his family too joined ‘Korak Day’s Satwik Family’ just like Korak’s blood- parents.  Without their monthly sharing, in the ‘Family Kitty’ all the work wouldn’t have been possible thus, in the Satwik Way.  Dr. Dipak N Patel is the Most Humane Family-Man, USA has created through Indian Genes.  Humanity will always be Indent to his huge and loving heart!  



The slim, filth-filled and poverty-stricken by-lanes of Muslim’s Butcher’s Slum attracted his soul so much that on 2002 July 2nd he started his personal work alone, with no money, in a small room in the ‘Torture Lane’ of that slum, teaching little children too eager to study and have a good time, along with women too closeted to burst out with talent and eagerness to learn.  In-spite of the constraints like lack of money, vow not to project any human being with pity and thus not accepting donations, there were endless hardships and hurdles there but the Muslims gave Korak so much love and care, specially those he was serving.  Korak spread his works and enthusiasm amongst his students and their families along with their surroundings.  He started a ‘Self- Developed Village Program’ in that slum for helping the inhabitants to be financially independent.  Along with 4 schools in Narkeldanga he had branches in 3 village outside Kolkata which eventually turned out to be Muslim villages too, but Korak was too Humane to differentiate Humans by their external ideologies.  In Madhyamgram, Calcutta, he started ‘Satwik Ashram’ for the old, mentally-unstable destitute women along with unwanted and very-poor children.  In a very humble way he has made over 100 destitute women his mother, taught more than 12000 student in his ‘Satwik Gurukuls’ and helped more than 600 women & poor men get the dignity of a job. 



Korak created his first song ‘jiya jae na’ during his SRFTI days which became an instant-hit along with his Soul-stirring song ‘aami manush’ for ‘My Karma’.  He continued making songs as ‘Korak Gaan’ under the categories of Intelligence, Sad and Romance.  He has created nearly 92 songs as a recording-artist which mostly are Mixed & Mastered in ‘Sound City’ or ‘BR Films’ Mumbai or Film Services, Kolkata.  The songs are in Hindi, English and Bangla languages.  He has also published several genres of books.  In his Self-Dependent Villages, Korak created fashion with hand-woven Khadi-Silk with hand-crafted embroidery & zardozi works.  He has created women apparel, saris and other products with the assistance of the women from the slum. He has also created endless ‘hand-made and love-inspired’ Feelings-Cards.  Korak did all this work alone, quietly, without any positive help from educated & intelligent people from Kolkata or anywhere else.  He could never work on ways to sell these Products due to the lack of money-mindedness required for businesses. 



After 6 years of ‘full-time’ Christian experience and 12 years of ‘full-time’ Islamic experience, Korak Day was inspired during his summer of 42 age, by his Soul, God, situations, finances, emotions and all other forces; to rejuvenate his working methods.  Now Korak is back to the roots of Humanity which is ‘Sanatan Dharm’, the eternal duties of humans that the best of humanity pursued.  All his works are now dedicated just to rejuvenating Humanity and the birth-place of Sanatan-Dharm, Bharat, to start with.  This is the final stage of the reason of his birth which aims towards making GEN-A alias SATWIKs, the pursuers of divinity by having the religion that the trees, animals, insects, birds, fishes, new-born humans etc. have.  They still practice Sanatan Dharm except most humans, who are just slaves to the ‘anti-divine’. 



Korak Day’s work is divided into ‘works of Parmatma-Prapti’ under Aamar Nijer My Own Inc. (ANMO) and the ‘works for promotions and earning funds for the work’ through KORAK DAY FILMS (KDF). 

ANMO has 4 branches: Satwik Ashram (this branch has the following sub-branches now: My Own Family, Old Destitute Women, Abandoned Children, Animal-Bird-Fish, Farming, Handicraft-Fashion, Satwik Mandir and Celebrations),

Satwik Gurukul (The Parmatma-Prapti Yog Program, After School Program, Learn Filmmaking & Film Acting and the Vedic Kohinoor Program), Satwik Service (Choice for people for serving Humanity, Bharat Mata, Satwik Mandir, Gau-Shala, Dadi-Mata and becoming a Satwik) and the Satwik Family (which comprises of All Paid Staff, Unpaid Volunteers, Instructions, Promotions, Ambassadors and Satwik Family Members). 

KDF has 2 branches: KDF Create (which has Films, Songs, Series, Vlogs, Documentaries, Publications and to Help Real-Artists) and KDF Shop (has online presence as e-commerse www.korakdayfilms.com www.korakdayfilms.in & information site www.korakday.com plus the KDF Offline Shop) 



Being a God or a Satwik is not just doing some breath-control exercise because thats for the body as 'Prana' is a physical element but for a SATWIK, everything is for his Soul and Spirituality.  Becoming a Satwik is the fruit of all Meditations and the nectar of all the Yoga programs on Earth.  By practicing The Parmatma-Prapti Yog through Korak Day, you can live each moment of your life with JOY and get a Content-Soul, even if your life has just one-day left.  This is the easiest, most valued, most required for all human being above age of 14, anywhere on Earth and the unique-most part, the NECTOR of all works & creations that comes through Korak Day.  The Program is for those who know that they are special & different than the crowd and can walk an extra mile to get what they want, in life.  Be prepared for being part of the BEST Human-breed on Earth, all-time: BE A SATWIK 

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